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<< Il vaut mieux être seule que mal accompagnée>>

affleckandcavill: Glad you liked it yay! Oh yeah! It would be really cool I tought Adam Gregory and Matt Bomer as Nightwing but this would be interesting :D

I would see can be more Matt Bomer in Green Lantern or Gambit :D

affleckandcavill: Hi!! Well, is what I was seeing Under The Dome and went to see Mike Vogel and I think he could be Barry Allen and Rachelle Lefevre as Iris :D What do you think?

Hello! Yes I completely agree with you I had also noticed it. And I do not know this kept silent think of it but Junior in Nightwing would be not bad also.

affleckandcavill: Do you take requests about fancast?

You would want what exactly? ^^